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Individual Therapy 

For individual therapy, I see my role as an accompanist, traveling with you into the wild, scary, and beautiful places of your life, to be a loving witness, and to offer you my observations and pose questions to expand your thinking. Read more here 

Relational Therapy

For relational support, I am here to help you get unstuck from the unhelpful dynamics you have gotten entrenched in by helping you notice the contributions each of you makes to these dynamics, the impacts of living under toxic systems on the ways you relate, and how systemic privilege shapes the dance between the two of you. Read more here

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"J. Krishnamurthi

Before we get any further, I want you to know a little bit about how I work so that you can make an informed decision on whether I am the right therapist for you at this time on your journey. I am systemically grounded and view the work of therapy through an anti-oppressive lens, drawing from various theoretical frameworks, including attachment, interpersonal, feminist, and somatic therapies. In our work together I consider the intergenerational, cultural, and social-political contexts of your life to understand how that has shaped your upbringing, your relationships, and how you see the world.  We will also attend to the present moment and utilize the therapeutic relationship as a source of valuable information in understanding the patterns of interactions that might be present in other aspects of your life.  


Ultimately, I do not believe that you are broken. Your distress as an individual and in your relationships is appropriate in the face of climate collapse, colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy, transphobia, ableism, and adultism. As such I am not here to fix you.​With me, you will get someone who is compassionate, warm, direct, and collaborative.  Always, our work together will be something we co-create. Therapy, then, is a third space of sorts, where those disenfranchised by toxic and harmful systems can begin to articulate not only the harms but also their longings. A space of generative refusal

Relational Intensives

Are you seeking more in-depth support that is for a shorter amount of time for the relationships that are hurting? Would you like more facilitation than therapy? Please read more here

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