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Organizational Support

Anti-Oppressive Culture Building

Every organization has a culture and that culture is continuously formed. Culture guides the people in the organization by providing a sense of what behaviors and beliefs are valued, what is expected of employees, and the norms for interactions. For instance, some organizations believe in transparency about pay, expect employees to work on the weekend, and use Slack as a way to communicate most work-related topics.  It is normal for the culture of an organization to shift, especially as the organization grows and with personnel change. Cultures of organizations are also largely shaped by the broader social, political, and cultural context.  


Organizations can create room for all to show up as they are and facilitate the conditions for true belonging for all of their employees. This can be done through increasing the organization's capacity to address the ways that systemic and institutionalized oppression impact how people experience safety and belonging in the workplace.  When people feel truly seen and valued in the workplace, they tend to perform better and stay longer.

I support organizations that are actively trying to build an anti-oppressive culture. Please email me to have a conversation on how I can support your organization.

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