Jaya Ramesh

Therapy is healing partly because of the relationship we cultivate, so I want you to know who I am too. I am an Indian immigrant, cis gender, neurodivergent, able-bodied woman of color.  I understand what it’s like to feel like the day-to-day is about surviving AND I also know thriving is possible. You don’t have to be stuck.


My life story has been living in the in between spaces, where the ground has been rich for nurturing questions of belonging, displacement, journeying, identity and navigating the reality of being neither here nor there. The world asks us to pick a side. It asks are you White or Black? Are you straight or gay? Are you Male or Female? By not allowing for the range of possibilities and expressions it limits us, I personally understand the pain of not belonging, of being displaced and the questions of authenticity that surface. 

Before becoming a therapist I taught at a local college and worked as an environmental campaigner. ​My experiences in life have shown me that struggle is inevitable, but learning how to cope with struggle can develop confidence, calm, and connection. I have learned that transitions, the spaces between endings and beginnings, can both feel incredibly scary AND can be the most fertile periods of growth.


​Are you on this journey? I want to know you. I want to hear your story and know the narratives that shape you. I want to hold space for the authentic story of you.


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Experience & Qualifications

My learning journey

  • LMHC in the State of Washington (LH61079932)

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology from the Leadership Institute of Seattle at Saybrook 

  • Masters in Environmental Anthropology from the University of Washington Seattle 

Training & Continuing Education
  • Cultural Somatics Training for racial trauma 

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional through International Association of Trauma Professionals

  • EMDR Training Level I

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples externship

  • Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1

  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy Training 

  • In training- Somatic Experiencing 2021

Professional Memberships
Presentations, Panels & Groups
  • When BIPOC folx Name Whiteness: Mapping the Cycle

  • Led process groups for Indian and Indian American seniors through Indian Association of Western WA

  • Panel Moderator at MOHAI on Defining Success and Finding Best Fit in Indian American Community 

  • Panel Moderator at International Community School on Youth Mental Health 

  • Panel Participant on Mental Health During COVID-19 

  • Interview with Seattle Times on One Year After Pandemic

  • Impostor Syndrome: An Anti Oppressive and Somatic Approach. Co-Facilitated with Laura Kramer

  • Interview with Seattle Times on Mental Health during COVID Pandemic

  • Article on Parenting During COVID-19 

  • Article on managing stress in your partnerships

  • Panel Participant on Queer Allyship in South Asian Community 

  • Panel Moderator at U-Heights on Mental Health During COVID Pandemic

  • Panel Moderator at U-Heights on Examining our Responses: BLM, Protests and COVID-19


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