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Relational Therapy*

Are you feeling like you and your partner are failing to understand each other? Are you starting to echo patterns from past relationships or even your family of origin in your current relationship? 

Do you sometimes feel like you have to explain your cultural upbringing, leaving you feeling torn between your family of origin and your relationship? 

Does it sometimes feel like you are doing everything you know how best to do and it still never feels good enough? Or do you sometimes wonder if your family member or friend sees you and hears you? 

Are you wanting a more meaningful relationship with your adult child? Do you wonder how the relationship you once had, where your child looked to you for guidance, has now morphed into one where they barely have time for you?  

I want you to know that sometimes when we are trying to connect we can end up in a cycle of communication that is not helpful. This is made worse by the stress of living under supremacy, colonial, and capitalistic cultures. This is no one’s fault. Relational therapy can be a place to slow down, unpack this cycle, help you understand your own experiences, and share them with others in a way that is digestible in service of creating healthier and loving dynamics.  

Together we will work to clarify your values, understand your motivations and behaviors, and implement healthier patterns within your relationships.  I can help you discover and move towards what truly matters to you. Let me help you be the best version of yourselves in your beloved relationships. 

*relationship includes spouses, live-in partners, parent and adult children, friends, colleagues

Fees: $225 for 50-60 minutes 

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