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My Services

My Services

Please read below to learn about the services I offer. 


I value providing accessible therapy. As such, I have a couple of low bono slots for those impacted by slavery, genocide, land theft, colonialism, and/or concentration camps. These are full at this time* 

In addition to my private practice, I am a writer, and an adjunct faculty at Antioch University, and provide consultation to organizations on building equitable and liberatory cultures.


I provide therapy in both English and Tamil. 

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$180 for 50-55 minutes

 $200 for 70-75 minutes 

Are you feeling like you and your partner are failing to understand each other? Are you starting to echo patterns from past relationships or even your family of origin  in your current relationship? 


Do you sometimes feel like you have to explain your parents and your cultural upbringing, leaving you feeling torn between your family of origin and your relationship? 


Does it sometimes feel like you are doing everything you know how best to do and it still never feels good enough? Or do you sometimes wonder if your partner really sees you and hears you? 


I want you both to know that sometimes when we are trying to connect we can end up in a cycle of communication that is not helpful. This is no one’s fault. Couples therapy can be a place to slow down, unpack this cycle, help you both understand your own individual experiences and share it with the other in a way that is digestible in service of creating healthier and loving dynamics.  


Together we will work to clarify your values, understand your motivations and behaviors, and implement healthier patterns within your relationships.  I can help you discover and move towards what truly matters to you. Let me help you be the best versions of yourselves in your partnerships. 

$150 for 50-55 minutes

 $175 for 70-75 minutes 


Being bicultural, biracial, do you sometimes feel like you do not belong within one or both of your cultures and communities and end up hiding parts of yourself in an effort to belong? 

Having immigrated, or being the children of immigrants, do you worry your worth is connected to how useful you are in relationships? Do you consequently overextend yourself and have no time to rest or listen to what your inner most longings are? 

Did you grow up in a culture where success was an expectation so much so that it is hard for you to take risks now, or pursue your dreams?


Are you noticing that you grew up in a family where expressing your feelings was not encouraged.  Is it hard for you to sometimes know what you are even feeling today and that the world around you is moving by too quickly? 

I want you to know that you are not broken. Seeking help now reveals your desire to heal. It would be my privilege and honor to help you reclaim the parts of you that have been in the shadows and support you in moving towards living fully and authentically in the light. 

$150 for 45 minutes

Do you and your partner/co-parent find that you disagree on how to parent your child?

Do you find yourself struggling to set appropriate limits, being too lenient or too strict?

Do you wonder what accountability looks like for your kid with executive functioning challenges?

Do you find yourself frustrated, tired, and running on empty? 

As a parent of two neurodivergent children and a clinician who regularly supports couples and individuals in navigating these questions around parenting neurodivergent children, I want you to know you are not alone and that there is hope. It is my absolute joy to offer a warm, supportive, and non-judgmental place for you to talk through your concerns, develop some strategies to engage more meaningfully with your children, and empower you to be the best version of yourself.  You and your child deserve a meaningful and loving relationship.

$150  per hour

I provide consultation for therapists on wanting to incorporate an anti-oppression lens into their practice. Topics include race, gender, systems analysis, and power dynamics. Specifically, I can provide expertise on Indian culture. 

Please email for rates

Please email me to find out about parent support groups I will be offering in September 2023.

 I am regularly asked to sit on and moderate panels on a variety of issues regarding race, gender, allyship, and current social-political issues.

I also provide anti-racism training for tech firms and organizations. 

 Phone check between sessions

  • 0-15 minutes- free

  • 15 minutes and beyond -Prorated at hourly session charge


Document Preparation (for courts, other therapists, work etc.)

  • Pro-rated at 100$/ hour


Consultation for Collaborative Care (with schools, other therapists, psychiatrists etc)

  • Pro-rated at 100$/hour

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